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What Makes Us Special


Steel My Glitter is a one stop shop for all you stainless steel cup and glitter needs!!!  We sell top quality double walled, 304 stainless steel cups (304 is hypoallergenic, rust resistant, and it's of course food and kitchen grade!  All of our lids are BPA free.  Each cup comes individually wrapped and in it's own blank box when it is delivered to you, so that you can customize with your own logo.

What makes our glitter AHHHHMAAAZZING???  Hands down the quality.  I poured my heart and soul into finding the very best glitter money could buy at the most affordable price.  I wanted to make sure that when you opened your glitter mail you got goosebumps!  I wanted to guarantee that when you went to use our amazing glitter it didn't soak up and waste your solvents and it was cost effect for your business as well.  Every single Glitter is PET and/or cosmetic grade and it's in the TOP of it's class.  I even have glitter made from REAL SILVER.  

What else makes us unique?  It's how your glitter arrives.  Besides on time and extremely Fast!!! I designed a custom pouch that I hope makes your business flow easier.  I put a new modern spin on the old spice shakers.  I'm putting an end to glitter mail arriving spilled and in the box.  I designed a custom glitter pouch with a spout on the side for easy sprinkling that comes with a screw top for resealing.  A heavy duty resealable closure at the top allows for unlimited access at the top as well.  These 2oz bags can be stored up right, flat, or if you prefer for ultimate organization on a peg board.  

This journey has been a dream of mine for sometime and I'm so excited to share it with you.  I look forward to serving you all with a humble heart and an abundance of glitter love!